Power up your home with LightwaveRF

So many things in our homes are operated by power in our homes – imagine if you could control all of this from your phone! Turning the kettle on whilst you’re still in bed, having your curtains shut themselves when it begins to get dark or being able to check your energy levels and bring your bill down. With the LightwaveRF power range, you can do all of these and more!

You can have the power to switch any switches in your home on or off. So if you want to have the kettle boiled before you get downstairs in the morning, simply turn that switch on whilst still in bed. Or imagine you left your straighteners on in the morning, you can turn them off from wherever you are. You can do this with either the retrofit sockets to have a complete look or the plug-in switches to save any refitting of sockets.

With the in-line relays, you can control anything from your curtains to your garage door. No more getting out in the cold weather to open your drive gates or garage door when you can press a button on your phone to do it for you. Set your curtains to a geo-clock so, even when you’re away, your curtains open and close at the right times.

You also have the option to add an energy monitor that allows you to view and understand your energy usage. You can watch in real time what appliances are using a lot of power and compare your energy consumption day to day. Any power hungry appliances that don’t need to be on, simply switch them off using the app to save on energy bills. You can then also review and compare historical data in graphical format using the LightwaveRF Web App.

If you have any questions or need any advice about the LightwaveRF power range, give Mr. Electric a call!