By Admin on 27/01/2014


Dear Mr Ryland


As you may already be aware Owen restored our kitchen lights today for which we are very thankful.


In the course of the renewal of dimmers and lamps there were six dimmer units showing signs of excessive heat (browning of white plastic box housing microchip). 


I have subsequently taken all ten dimmers and lamps back to TLC having spoken first to Stewart.  He tested all the lamps and not surprisingly all worked.   He was concerned and at a loss to explain the obvious fault with the dimmers but is sending them back to the makers.  He gave me a refund without question.


At my request Owen did not push the downlight holders fully home.  Though all the lights work it is possible that we get another fault and I did not want to do any further damage to the ceiling.  We will let them settle in for a couple of weeks and then I will make good the slight damage we have and paint over with emulsion.


Owen turned up to time and was quick and careful in effecting the repairs and we are grateful to him for what he has done.


We are grateful too to you – not only for what you did but for the fair treatment you have given us.  I will write formally to say so and reflect my satisfaction on the Checkatrade feedback provision.




Peter Shaw